Rates and Insurance


Initial Visit-   $65

Subsequent-  $45

Children- $55

Subsequent- $35

MSP Premium Assistance (10 visits/year)

Initial Visit-   $43

Subsequent $23


Cedar Hills Chiropractic works with patients after auto accident and participates in ICBC’s pilot program, which allows us to bill ICBC directly. The majority of the time, the patient will have NO out of pocket cost.


Those injured in a work place accident can receive care with no out of pocket fee. Cedar Hills will bill WCB directly.

Extended Health Care Coverage

The majority of Extended Health Care plans include Chiropractic care coverage of some form.  Cedar Hills does not bill insurance providers directly, the Patient will be billed at the time of treatment, and will will be given a receipt, which they can send to their individual insurance provider for reimbursement. Most insurance companies make it easy for reimbursement and provide websites and apps for quick turn around, sometimes within a few days.


If you have Premium Assistance, MSP will cover a portion of your Chiropractic Treatment. They currently cover $22 of cost the cost of each visit, the remaining is the responsibility of the patient.

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